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  1. want ad

    • IPA[ˈwän(t) ˌad]
    • n.
      a classified advertisement in a newspaper or magazine; a small ad.
    • noun: want ad, plural noun: want ads

  2. 知識+

    • want ad 是什麼意思啊

      ...求才名單) 也叫 classified adwant ad  求人広告A "want ad " is, actually, any kind of an advertisement where you want something....感謝樓下大指正警方的 懸賞名單/通緝專刊會寫的是 wanted

    • 麻煩幫我翻譯一下 英翻中 謝?????????

      both saleperson and product 銷售人員和產品 both 是"都","兩者"的意思 help-wanted ad. 徵人廣告/求才廣告

    • 翻譯--英翻中 幫個忙吧(急)!!

      ... letter (see page 106)is sent in response to a help-wanted ad. 一封應徵信(請參照106頁)的寄出是為了回應一則徵才啟事. (solicit: v, 懇求...