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  1. want to bet?

    • ph.
      used to express strong disagreement with a confident assertion
  2. 知識+

    • 口語化的英文?

      going to gonna want to wanna (wanna a bet?來打賭阿!) ain't is/am/does/do/not outta out of kind of kinda give me giv'me because cos' more than more'n

    • 求美國的一首歌的中文歌詞翻譯 know she likes beef 牛頭男友-你知道他愛牛肉 Look out she wants to group again, bet she'll need a rez again 你看他又想再打一遍,賭他也會需要再被復活一...

    • 英文文法整理

      It could have been Kelly's big sexy smile Kelly made tasty ice cookies Pam talked about art from those pictures 有點勉強的翻譯 不確定您要的是甚麼 有extra 疑問的話別客氣