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  1. not want to know

    • ph.
      故意不接觸或不了解某人(某事物)(以免造成不便或麻煩); 不理會
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    • ph.
    • 1. 故意不接觸或不了解某人(某事物)(以免造成不便或麻煩); 不理會

      He was desperately in need of help but nobody seemed to want to know. 他極需幫助, 可是似乎誰也不願理會。

    • ph. 你真的要知道我是怎樣想的嗎

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    • 這一句的英文文法有錯誤嗎?

      正確的寫法:I want to know if it will rain tomorrow.演變過程:It will rain...個語意: 用if這個連接詞B if A=I want to know something if it will rain tomorrow.=I want to know...

    • 名詞子句可否用疑問語氣

      ...想要知道那個畫家是誰. Millions of people want to know who the painter is. (名詞子句) 數百萬人想...叫什麼名字嗎? Do millions of people want to know what the painter's name is? (名詞子句) 數百萬...

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      正解: I wanted to know this person called Ting Hui Liu...14:20:11 補充: 我上面寫的有鎘地方是錯的 對是I want to know this person 不是 I wanted...抱歉> <...