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    • [英文]詢問一個片語

      ...的感覺, 下面舉二個例子: It is an antiwar film with a twist – a war film without a war. It is about how the experience of being in the military...

    • movie , vedio , picture ,film

      ...不過我的個人習慣,用在電影工作人員的話,會比較喜歡用film。 至於您問到可否通用的問題,我們各造一個最基本的...了) Video - I watched Star Wars from video. (我星際大戰是看錄影帶的) Picture...

    • 幫我看這篇的英文文章對不對~~

      ... to see a movie Red Cliff . It is(was) a war film.Last Sunday, we went to Ilan to visited...