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  1. warm

    • IPA[wɔːm]


    • adj.
      of or at a fairly or comfortably high temperature;(of clothes or coverings) made of a material that helps the body to retain heat
    • v.
      make or become warm;spank (someone's buttocks)
    • n.
      a warm place or area;an act of warming something or oneself
    • 釋義
    • 片語



    • 1. make or become warm I stamped my feet to warm them up the film warmed our hearts
    • spank (someone's buttocks) I'll warm your bum if you don't come here this instant


    • 1. a warm place or area stay in the warm, I've made up the fire for you
    • an act of warming something or oneself he had a cup of tea and a warm by the kitchen range