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  1. warned

    • warn的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • 相關詞
    • n.
    • The son was so captivated with the woman that he didn't heed his parents' warnings. 兒子為這個女人神魂顛倒,全然不顧他父母的告誡。

      The red light is a warning sign for stop. 紅燈是警告停止行進的信號。

    • adj.
    • The policeman fired a warning shot. 那警察鳴槍警告。
    • vt.
    • He warned me against going outside alone at night. 他提醒我晚上不要單獨出去。

      The police warned us not to go out at night. 警察告誡我們夜間不要出門。

    • vi.
    • n.
    • a warning to sb. 對某人的警告

      a warning about sth. 關於某事的警告

    • adj.
    • a warning light/siren/notice 報警燈/警笛/警告
    • vt. 告誡

    • to warn sb. about or against or of sth. 提醒某人提防某事物

      to warn sb. against complacency 告誡某人戒驕戒躁

    • 警告,告誡,訓誡,警戒,警報

    • 警告,注意,通知發出警告

    • ph. 通知離開

    • When we tried to enter the house, some men warned us off. 當我們想進入那個房子時, 有幾個人叫我們走開。

    • ph. 觸發警告(亦作trigger alert,指書籍、電影或其他題材於事前對其含有可能引發讀者或觀眾心理不適感的內容所做的提示)

    • Professors are supposed to give trigger warnings to students before giving them a test. 教授在測試學生前,應給學生事先的觸發預警。

    • ph. 警告……不得靠近

    • The road was closed to traffic after the accident, and the police were warning everyone off. 道路在車禍後被封閉,警察警告大家不得靠近。

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