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  1. warning bell

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    • 英文翻譯...What are the necessary

      ...流口水(UR,非制約反應)。 To condition a dog to salivate, choose a sensory warning signal (bell or light) to serve as a CS. Present that warning signal repeatedly...

    • 法文的問題 me svp

      ...dormir.The first period starts at eight-forty,the first bell goes 5 minutes before that to warn us. La première période commence à huit...

    • ”一直嗶嗶叫”和”嗶一聲”的英文寫法

      ...machine. In some computer terminals, the ASCII character code 7, bell character, outputs an audible beep. Beeps are also used as a warning when a truck or bus is reversing — a sound sometimes referred...