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  1. warning triangle


    • n.
      a triangular red frame, made of reflective material, carried by motorists to be set up on the road as a danger signal in case of a breakdown or other hazard.
    • noun: warning triangle, plural noun: warning triangles

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      三角警示架: Warning Triangle 子母機種3D結構展示圖: 3D Structural... as a baton, which you can wind down the window and use to warn cars behind of a break down during operation. (汽車拋錨...

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      ...adj, 幾乎不) (warning: n, 警告) (with little warning: 幾乎無預警) Finally, the Gulf Stream runs thought the Triangle. 最後一個原因是,墨西哥灣流流經此一三角洲...