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  1. warship

    • IPA[ˈwôrˌSHip]


    • n.
      a ship equipped with weapons and designed to take part in warfare at sea.
    • noun: warship, plural noun: warships

  2. 知識+

    • Aircraft carrier is a war

      Aircraft carrier : 航空母艦 warship : 軍艦 warship 後面已知給我們的是來說明航空母艦是"什麼...在不定詞 to 後面。 (D)選項正確。that子句用來解釋 warship 。而 carries 跟 has 都是第三人稱,文法...

    • [急件]尋找英文版''諾曼地大登陸''歷史(8/7止)

      ... NEPTUNE, comprised large numbers of warships, auxiliaries and landing craft. In all, Britain, ...

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