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  1. was

    • KK[wɑz]
    • DJ[wɔz]


    • is, am的動詞過去式
    • 相關詞
    • aux.
    • I won't be free this afternoon. I'll be seeing a friend off. 我今天下午沒空,我要給朋友送行。

      What were you doing from 9 to 11 this morning? 今天上午九點到十一點你在做什麼?

    • vi.
    • At that time he was the chair of the department. 當時他是系主任。

      I am a teacher and they are my students. 我是老師,他們是我的學生。

    • n. 存在;生存;生命[U]

    • When did the universe come into being? 宇宙最初是何時形成的?

    • pref. 表示徹底,極度

    • vi.
    • We are freshmen and they are sophomores. 我們是一年級學生,他們是二年級學生。

      Are you from Singapore? 你是新加坡人嗎?

    • aux.
    • They are asked to practice every day. 要求他們每天練習。

      How are you getting along with your classmates? 你和班上同學相處得如何?

    • n.
    • abbr. = interim storage 臨時儲量,臨時記憶體

    • vi.
    • I am a college student. 我是個大學生。
    • aux.
    • I am always encouraged to speak English. 人們總是鼓勵我講英語。

      I am doing well in school. 我在學校很好。

    • vi.
    • The picture on the wall is beautiful. 牆上的畫很美。

      Mr. Smith is a very good English teacher. 史密斯先生是個很好的英語教師。

    • aux.
    • Mr. Ward is known as a great painter. 沃德先生是一位遐邇聞名的大畫家。

      What is she doing over there? 她在那兒做什麼?

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    • IPA[wɒz]



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    • be的過去式
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