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  1. wash up

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    • 1. 【主美】洗臉洗手 The children went to wash up after eating lunch. 孩子們吃完午餐後去洗手洗臉。
    • 2. 【主英】洗(餐具) He insisted on helping me washing up the dishes. 他堅持要幫我洗餐具。
    • 3. 洗去
    • 4. (浪頭)把...衝上岸 The tide had washed up cargo from the wrecked ship. 潮水把遇難船上的貨物沖到了岸邊。
    • 5. (常用被動態)結束; 使完蛋 One step out of line and a journalist's career is washed up. 只需越規一步, 一個新聞記者的生涯就會被斷送。