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  1. wasp waist


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    • 沙漏的腰該怎麼稱呼?

      那個細腰 叫做 wasp-waist wasp就是 黃蜂的意思 (也可以比喻成易動怒的人) waist 就是腰囉 所以 黃蜂的...沙漏的細腰囉 The sands are running through the "wasp-waist" of an hourglass reminds us of the irretrievability of time. 沙漏的...

    • 翻譯這句英文:老兄jenny她的身材是…

      Hey dude, Obviously, Jenny has a wasp waist. By the way, are you close to her? If not,it's not polite to talk about her figure.