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    • 請問waste用法

      I wasted a lot of time playing the computer games last night. = Playing... on the computer made me spend so much time last night. I waste much money buying the bag. =Buying the bag wastes me much...

    • 一些單字的用法~英文

      Other: (其他) Don't waste other people's time. Do you have other ideas? We'll see each other...

    • 垃圾:junk,trash和garbage這三者的用法

      ...不可數 waste material, esp. unwanted food, or a container in which waste is kept Ex: There will be no...unfit to serve in the military. junk and trash還另有動詞的用法 可以利用我參考資料內的網站去查詢 雖然是個線上英英...