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  1. waste bin


    • n.
      a dustbin or rubbish bin.
    • noun: waste bin, plural noun: waste bins

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      ..., you will want to have separate bins for each type of item, as well as a waste bin for non-recyclable wastes. 3. Leave your bins in an...

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      ...from the garage. 1.A trash bag is a large plastic bag that holds waste. 2.A trash bin is a large container for holding waste: Ex: There ...

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      以下是我大概知道的: 1.lce bin 冰桶 2.bottle wells 3.speed rail 快軌 4.handgun for soda...玻璃杯槽 10.drain board 排水板 brushes 玻璃杯刷 12.waste dump 廢棄物的置放(桶或位置) 13.Railing for pickup station...