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  1. waste pipe


    • n.
      a pipe carrying waste water, such as that from a sink, bath, or shower, to a drain.
    • noun: waste pipe, plural noun: waste pipes

  2. 知識+

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      ... government under this foundation, continues to promote a whole city underground waste water project. User pipe connection construction is also under way and implementation of rain and waste water diversion...

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      ...material for the machine. 下面是飼料材料的特徵為機器。 Description Waste out of 描述 廢物在外面 A) pipe cuts / fittings production A) 管子裁減/配件生產 B...

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      ... (digging) ditches to install new sewage pipes recently (came across) the (remaining) of an... 3.After the truck (carrying) toxic waste (crashed), citizens were warned...