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  1. waste time


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    • ph. 浪費時間

    • It is a waste of time to do that. 做那件事是浪費時間。

      Do you think it is a waste of time to eat lunch at a restaurant? 你認為在餐廳吃午飯是浪費時間嗎?

    • ph. 把時間浪費在做…上,浪費時間做…

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    • ph. 趕緊做某事

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    • 我不喜歡浪費時間的英文翻譯

      ...不喜歡浪費時間 ] =【 I don't want wasting time.】 解析: I don't want wasting...祈使句,而句子則轉為: 【Don't waste my time!】單然,標點符號是不同的。

    • 幫我造9個英文句子!!急~~贈10點!

      Don't waste time on the video games. I hope I'm not wasting ... to waste 200 dollars on a broken radio. She was wasting her money in the night club last night. You shouldn't have wasted...

    • time getting...是什麼意思?

      waste no time的完整寫法應該是waste no time in Ving,是「馬上就...」的意思, get to...