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  1. wastes

    • waste的名詞複數
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    • 請問waste 的用法

      I wasted a lot of time playing the computer games last night. = Playing... on the computer made me spend so much time last night. I waste much money buying the bag. =Buying the bag wastes me much...

    • infectious industrial waste 翻譯

      ... of the data between 2003 and 2005 showed that the majority of medical waste was general industrial waste, which accounted for 76.9%–79.4% of total...

    • waste不可數名詞?

      > 目前了解waste當名詞意思為浪費時為不可數名詞 在這裡, waste是指"浪費的行為/事件" 而不是"廢物"或是"浪費的東東" 既然是"行為/事件",waste就是可數的.