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  1. watch for

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    • 1. 等候 We watched for a chance to come. 我們等待著機會的到來。



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    • what are you watching for

      ... for中文是指"你在找甚麼?"的意思 looking for是片語尋找的意思~~ 詢問看電視的人~既然你就知道你在看電視了...甚麼節目才對吧??要問她Which TV program are u watching???

    • for a while請解釋for a用法意思?

      I watch TV for a while. 為什麼會用for a請解釋? 斷句不是for a, 而是for... watch TV for a while. 我看一會兒電視. I watched TV for a while. 我看了一會兒電視. I have wathced TV...

    • to for of 使用時機?

      ...大的物品或服務或利益 I buy a gift for me father bought a watch for me 可不可以寫成 father bought a watch to me 本句是接受到大...