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  1. watch it

    • ph.
      【口】(尤用於祈使句)當心; 小心; 留神
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    • By my watch it's three o'clock

      By my watch it's three o'clock. 根據我的手錶...標準來說」,還是不夠好,說法是: It's not good enough by our...08:51:03 補充: 妳上面問的 by the watch 的 by 是「按照」、「根據...

    • 英文短文寫作

      ..., and it is doing irreparable harm for people who are watching it all day as the following several reasons. Television addiction...

    • how to make watch

      .../horologyindustry/strehlerawatchfromscratch/ It is just like clock. If you know the elements. It will...