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    watch like a hawk

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    • 急..這是啥? Get it before the RUSH

      ...應該是拼錯了,不是 aggresive,是 aggressive,具侵略性的) 建議:非常想買 WATCH IT LIKE A HAWK! 像鷹一樣監視它! gtods204, take a look at the hottest news, contact ...

    • 求~rachael yamagata 中文歌詞...

      ...選擇良善的那個? And if the hawks in the trees need the living you don't stand a chance For a time though you...time or lie there as he feeds Watching yourself ripped to ...

    • 有句英文看不懂:standing guard around

      ...分詞構句! 2012-05-24 09:52:36 補充: These hawks became alert, all guarding around the... stand waiting for you in the rain like a dummy. 2012-05-24 15:13:06 補充: 您客氣了!~~~~~~~~