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    • 請各位幫我翻譯這25個英文句子 into action 21 Perhaps you do not know why always boiled in hot water split 22 compared with a pin in the egg that fat prick a small hole in one end...

    • (緊急)英文解釋

      1. 放聲大笑或放聲大哭 2. 劈開或切開 3. 螺絲釘 4. 用力擦洗 5. 濺起水花 6. 小碎木片 7. 紗窗或紗門 8. 從報紙上所剪下的資料或圖片

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      ... clean, slightly boil the blood water with the boiling water, see the meat change color and point out promptly that drip the universe... ginger is cleaned, cut small one, strike and split; The garlic skins, strike and split. The...