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  1. water pollution

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    • 1. 水質污染 Water pollution has made our rivers and lakes brown and dirty. 水質污染已使我們的河流和湖泊變成褐色和骯髒。 Water pollution makes our water too dirty to drink. 水質污染使我們的水太髒無法喝。
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    • water / air pollution?

      Noise pollution (噪音污染) 譬如.. 隔壁阿桑過世, 出殯時請職業孝男孝女來, 用大聲公哭過整...過度人造燈光) 浪費能量, 也使夜空失去原本的相貌, 以及生態失衡 Ship pollution (船隻污染) 會排放大量的二氧化硫(sulpher dioxide)跟二氧化氮(nitrogen dioxide)污染...

    • 請問誰可以提供我英文短文?

      1.Water pollution【水源污染】 Water is used in homes, in .... People are throwing things into the water. Factories are dumping waste materials into the water...

    • for和to用法的疑問

      Air pollution and water pollution are harmful for people. Air pollution and water pollution are harmful...