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    water sth. down

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    • 一把"抓"的動詞差異

      ...Sth from Sb; snatch Sth away; snatch Sth down etc. 2011-11-04 16:06:01 補充: (A bald eagle is snatching a fish from the water.)

    • turn的片語(turn up....)

      ...turn (sth) down轉小或扭小(燈或爐火)例:Please turn down the lamps.     (請把燈光扭小)4.turn  sth off 關上.關閉例:Please turn off the water.         (請關掉自來水)5.turn sth on 打開.轉開...

    • 請英文高手幫忙修改我用過去式寫的幾句話

      ...取代reach) to five. I went downstairs got (to get) a cup of water and try (tried) to clam down myself. 說明: to keep +Ving Sth表持續做某事。時針指向幾點要用to point to…。Went to get兩動詞...