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    • 灑了水的,用水的
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    • 我要問關於water cycle的問題

      The Water Cycle Introduction...that not only gives us water to drink, fish to eat, but also weather... and so far away, the fresh water in ice caps is not available...

    • water density

      The maximum density of water is at 3.98 °C (39.16 °F). Water becomes...

    • in water和in the water差別

      ...版主的疑問恐仍未搔著癢處. 版主想知道的是"in the water"如果沒有the, 有何差別? 一個原則: 只要說者或聽...刀子上了. Will a thermometer break if you dip it in water? 把溫度計浸到水中會不會爆掉? What happens...