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    • 1. 【美】【口】酒吧;賣酒處 Boston has many famous watering holes. 波士頓有很多有名的酒吧、夜總會等等。
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    • 急件,英文單句....

      ...言下之意 : 我其實沒有怎樣考慮到妳...) We were really nothing more than a watering hole on the way to Los Angeles 直翻 : 我們也只不過是 去洛杉磯路上...

    • 中翻英P.S因為找不到專有名詞

      Will come to rui Fang town water nan hole "gold waterfall ",this seat at road side recite lean...yellow earth's surface let people for a time rise play water idea, justs because here's water quality include...

    • 一個英文文法小問題。請高手指點一下。

      ...關係子句等加以「處理」. 關於第一句: They crowded around in the hole looking for water.其還原句組是:They crowded around in the hole. They ...