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    • 水鏽,浮水印印浮水印於
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    • 請問這一句怎麼翻呢~~感謝

      被懷疑的和原始的watermarked 圖像的向前二個水平分解執行恢復LL 和HH 帶。

    • 幫我把這段英文換句話說

      extract descriptor from watermark with all 256 cyclic rotations method to complete the detection process. 如果事關專利建議最好別改! 恐怕會造成文章結構鬆散有瑕疵!

    • 英翻中的改錯------回報十點

      ...nowadays society. We have compared digital signatures and digital watermarks, find though it is similar between both, but there are still valuable ...