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    • 西瓜
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    • 英文翻譯,翻譯英文作業?

      Watermelons are vine herbs. It is crisp, juicy and sweet. It..., it is the summer fruit of offering some temporary respite. Watermelons can cure nephritis, diabetes, cystitis and so on. And the peel can be...

    • watermelon and melon( 英文高手請進)

      ..._dateien/posst-melon.jpg Melon 的範圍較廣,它含: 1. watermelon 西瓜2. cantaloup(e) 如:台灣的美濃瓜3. honeydew (melon) 如:新疆的哈蜜瓜...

    • 西瓜節 ~ 西瓜物語 ~

      watermelon Tarou's watermelon language ☆ Small red watermelon I L O V E Y O U! ! Scarlet watermelon I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! ! Small jade watermelon...