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    • 這幾句英文要怎麼翻比較好呢(關於相速度)

      ...of an EM(電磁) singnal 就是 組成信號的harmonic waves 的 velocity 的measure. 2. The group velocity of the... the velocity at which the position of maximal constructive interference propagate. at which the position of maximal constructive interference...

    • 專業科目的科學英文短文翻譯

      ...the future, I may be able to research and find the method to transmit electromagnetic waves through ultra-long distance range and overcome the big problem of signal interferences as well. In addition, I will study some undiscovered characteristics...

    • 請幫我校正有關噪音的英文。

      ...not as a consequence of the ground effect but as a result of the destructive interference of the scattered waves. 我們提供的實驗結果顯示﹐依特定間隔週期排列的帶狀樹林對小於500赫茲的低頻...