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    • Method 跟 Approaches 的差別

      簡單分享一下method 強調既有方式  ---  a particular way of doing st. (something)approach 強調解決方式  ---  a way of considering st. (n) / to deal with st. (vt)也所以 "教學方法" 會見到 method; 而 "解決之法" 會見到 approachhope these help!

    • Method和approach有何不同?

      ... to a step by step description of tasks to be performed. Approach is a general guideline on ways of performing a work. It does not identify all the steps...

    • 一則國外遊戲新聞?

      ...the current competitors. Because of that, there are many new ways of approaching things. Which, on the one side, are easier to implement...