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    • 幫忙翻譯好嗎? 英翻中

      它教科學家以新模式看宇宙。 因為Einsten,我們今天有計算機這一類東西,電視和太空旅行。 我也不是很確定啦..我是用電腦翻譯的..不知道正不正確 我是英文白痴

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      ...still doing their own actions*. Furthermore*, one of the turkeys* looked at me in* a surprising* way. Although I got a little scared, I ...

    • 英文短文(幫我檢查一下) Usually, I look at things differently a few days ... must have his own ways to control his moods...difficult, we should face it and think of ways to resolve it. ...