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    go out of one's way to

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    • way to go 是什麼意思?

      way to go 作得好 ! 幹得好 ! way to go used to congratulate somebody on something that he or she has done (informal) way to go 「作得好 !」是用來向某人為他所完成的某件事道賀用的 Well ...

    • Way to go, man! 英翻中

      Way to go! 作得好!Hey man, that was a great presentation —way to go!嘿, 老兄! 很棒的簡報! 非常好! ◆way to go 是一種表達讚許鼓勵的話, 有「作得好!」的意思

    • 英文問題............

      for example:(Way to go!)一種讚賞時的語氣 child says:I finished my homework. mother says:Hey, way to go!(做得好哦!)