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    • 歌詞翻譯 我這有歌詞(不可用翻譯機 20點)

      ... don't care. 有一道光線,但是我並不在乎 We both know that it's foolish. 彼此都知道那是很愚蠢...人在此時..或更多的時候 Oh, why can't we both talk? 喔~為什麼我們兩個不能夠交談 I must have...

    • 英文分手信[Dear John]要怎麼寫?

      ...名字) (文章開始前面空5個英文字母) I wanted to call you and talk to you,but I thought it would be better to write youa letter.I don`t think we should be boyfriend and girlfriend anymore.I really like you,but there is a guy ____(新歡的名字) that I like...

    • 中翻英 超”急” 不要翻譯網頁的 20點

      ... will not fear English anymore. The enthusiasm of the teacher...engage in conversations with us, allowing our ...they go to McDonald, they talk to the post to order food. After...