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    • 有人可以把他翻成中文

      正確的歌詞 We will rock you       Queen Buddy, you're a boy make a big noise ...the place Singing We will, we will rock you We will, we will rock you Buddy you're a young man, hard man Shouting in the street gonna take...

    • 魏如萱《相聚一刻》歌詞翻譯

      ...希望捕捉跟借一滴我的淚      I will be heading for your rocks 我將往妳的岩石走去 And ...靈魂    I was so light when we met 我當初預見你時 妳很黑暗 Now...

    • 歌詞英翻中

      ...在那總是有一個人 That will always have your heart 會擁有...cha'll But I know about us and uh 但是我知道關於我們跟 uh...如何搖滾的方向 We know how to rock I don't know bout cha'll 我...