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  1. weak moment

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    • 1. 易被說服(或誘惑)的時刻 In a weak moment, I agreed to pay for her holiday. 我一時心軟同意了支付她度假的費用。
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    • ”直到最後這一刻”這句英文要怎麼翻啊?

      I just realized how much love I have to you until the last moment. Please forgive my weak and heartfelt, although I couldn't be with you anymore, but I will protect you forever in another world.

    • Please translation

      ... over to the coach, and put forward an awkward question in a weak voice. 在最後哨音響過後,我過去與教練說話.這是我第一...微弱的聲音提出了一個很古怪的問題. Just at the moment, something happened. The coach started...

    • 我想要問一些參觀的英文

      ...的訊號比較不好! The signal may be poor (-or- weak, weaker) for it's a closed space in here. 2...馬上就可以入場了! Please wait here for one moment, admission will be opened soon. 7請問你們...