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  1. weak soup

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    • 我有一些英文題目不會~請求幫忙....

      ...的地方。 common 固定用法 10. (c) She is too weak to get out of bed. 她太虛弱了而無法下床。太...而不能... 11. (d) I eat soup with a spoon. 我用湯尺喝湯。 12. (b) Mr. Brown...

    • 急~英文小短文(20點)

      ...all know catching a cold would not only make you feel weak, but also affect your daily activities. So...nothing is more comfy (comfortable) than a bowl of warm chicken soup, have one will make you full with energy again. With these...

    • (10點*很急!)中翻英,拜託真的很急!!!!!

      ... neighbors are not friendly. I think it is a weak point. How about you? Do you live with your parents? (to...