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    • (緊急) 英文 interview

      ...工作 4. what is your strenght and your weakness? 你的強項和弱點 5. why do you think you are qualified for this position? (針對找工作的interview) 爲什麽你認爲你適合這份工作 其實主要還是看對方的...

    • 翻譯英文(學術專業)

      ... of functional assessment: play-based, family interviews, and the evaluation of multiple intelligences...039; strengths rather than on their weaknesses. 這三種類型對規畫啟發性的適當干預是有用的且...

    • 英文面試問題,三題 中翻英

      ... from the school, therefore this was I first time interviews. 2.I may hold the study mood in any work, the patience is my characteristic...