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  1. wear someone/something down

    • ph.
      overcome someone or something by persistence
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    • push me down的中文意思? every one I know still wears the same disguise Take me, rape me, push me down As long as I'...2009-02-22 06:23:59 補充: push someone or something down: 推倒(to force someone or something...

    • 請問這些單字如何用英文解釋?

      ...small lake, usually very small and shallow. 戴上 put on - wear it on. 購買 purchase - to buy 疼痛 ache - hurt. 基本... out what it is. 耽擱 delay - slow someone/something down. 向岸 ashore - the side of a island or land area...

    • 請英文高手幫忙修改我用過去式寫的幾句話

      ...過去式tried。 If someone asks me” have... truly scared of something, really, really frightened...morning and I felt down, I slowly wore (改用put) my shoes...