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  1. wear someone/something out

    • ph.
      exhaust or tire someone or something
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    • That's my name, don't wear it

      1.) wear something out --- USE UP, consume, go through (磨損, 消耗) wear someone out --- FATIGUE, tire out, weary...039;s my name. Don't wear it out!" 同樣的口氣, 你也可以說, ...

    • 50個英文片語

      ...幫助我。 22. find out 發現 (to get information about something) You can find out a lot about New York on the ...某人的消息 (to receive a letter or a phone call from someone) I haven't heard from ...

    • F.4 English - Writing Task

      ...some rest, we were walking towards to our tent, and found out that our tent was destroyed by someone! One of my friends even started to cry because of fear...