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  1. wearing

    • IPA[ˈweriNG]


    • adj.
      mentally or physically tiring
    • 釋義


    • 1. mentally or physically tiring it would be a lot less wearing if we could work together amicably a plan of action will make the whole event a less wearing experience
  2. 知識+

    • wear 的過去式

      wear 動詞變化形: wore; worn; wearing *釋義* 穿著;戴著;佩帶著;塗抹...戴眼鏡(假髮) 面露,面帶,面有...色 He was wearing a pleasant smile. 他一直面露愉快的微笑。 (將鬍鬚,頭髮)留成...

    • wear跟pants的問題

      1. wear glasses ,wear red shoes , wear a skirt , wear a ring =>請問wear接名詞時啥時加 a 啥時不需加 a... wear a pants. X (should be : I wear (the) pants) I wear a pant. X (no...

    • wear & wearing的分別?

      wear是action verb,所以應用現在進行式表示這是目前的狀況: He is wearing a blue T-shirt. = 他現在身上穿著的是一件藍色的T-shirt。 如果用...