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  1. weeded

    • weed的動詞過去式、過去分詞
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    • in the weeds

       weeds: n. Refers to development projects or algorithms that have no possible relevance or practical application. Comes from `off in the weeds'. Used in phrases like “lexical analysis for microcode ...

    • 作文~Weeds grow apace 為主題的英文作文

      ...離離原上草,一歲一枯榮。 野火燒不盡,春風吹又生 。 版主的這句"Weeds grow apace." 正是「離離原上草」之意. 亦即野草長得很快很茂盛之意...

    • weed science paper 中英翻譯問題

      好多專業術語喔= V = 1.對在大豆裡的Glyphosate(為廣效性接觸型除草劑)和選擇的亞洲Dayflower(Commelina communis)的回應 2.亞洲dayflower(鴨拓草)最近已經在東衣阿華成為一根令人討厭的雜草了。 這根雜草證明一個延長的出現時期,有...