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  1. weigh in

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    • 1. 參加, 介入 George weighed in to stop the fight. 喬治出來制止打架。 We took our bags to the airport counter to weigh in. 我們把行李帶到機場過磅處過磅。


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    • 艱深的英文翻譯問題2

      ... time. *pass over 忽略 How could you pass over such an important matter? *weigh in at 加入 He weighed in at the competition. *with scant progress 因為努力...

    • 英文文法 in doing sth 的問題

      ...工作正在進行中。 The ability is only one factor of the many he weighs in deciding whether or not to give. 在決定給予否的當兒, 他衡量的唯一因素...

    • my english exam extra credit q

      Water.The density of water is close to 1 but density of ice is 0.91. 2006-12-14 15:27:21 補充: 物質不會因相的變化而改變質量.前提應該是單位體積的質量變化.可能題目漏寫了.