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    • 1. 重壓 The news weighs on him. 這消息使他心情沈重。 The pack weighed heavily on the mountaineer's back. 背包沈重地壓在登山運動員的背上。



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    • How much Do i weigh?會這樣用嗎?!20點

      ... much does the moon weigh? 月球有多重? How much would l weigh on the moon? 我在月球上會有多重? How much should I weigh for my...

    • 請熟悉股票英文的大大幫忙翻譯!!急~

      .... Worries about the U.S. sub prime mortgage industry also weighed on sentiment. (Excerpted from business Week, 3/5/2007) 延續上週日幣留...

    • 翻譯平常用語~

      ...should pay and paste the price tag. So do you know what I mean? 過磅 to weigh (on the scales) 牌子,標籤,貨籤 Where is the price tag? (價格...