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  1. weighing machine

    • n.
      a machine for weighing things, especially people or large items of goods.
    • noun: weighing machine, plural noun: weighing machines

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    • 請問weighed要怎麼發音呢0.0???

      1. Weigh 和way是同音異字,兩者發音相同。。 2. 過去式ed/ d y怎麼唸? i. 唸 / ...hope→hoped iii. 唸 / d / →當字尾音是有聲子音/g/ 或其他母音e.g. weighweighed 所以weighed的ed是唸 / d / 3. 結論weighed唸 [way...

    • How much Do i weigh?會這樣用嗎?!20點

      How much do I weigh? 我的體重是多少?這句話沒問題,我在美國都這樣用。 類似的用法讓你參考...would l weigh on the moon? 我在月球上會有多重? How much should I weigh for my age and height? 以我的年齡和身高來說,我的體重應該是多少?

    • The potato weighs 4 pounds

      答 這馬鈴薯有四磅重。 文法嗎... 是沒有文法 那下次如果要查句子 可以用字典分開查喔 要記得