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    • 麻煩英文高手幫校正一下這整段的文法或用字~

      ...; 770SW, it able to bear it 100 in more weight kilograms, to 10 metres of depth of ... the shock-resistant and cold-resistant been waterproof function to - environment of 10 degrees can also go on not ...

    • 期刊英翻中一小段落~急~

      ...term high-folate supplementation reduces nitrogen digestive function in aged rats, indicating that folate... had significantly reduced body weight compared with fetuses from control dams...

    • 可否幫我翻譯以下的文字謝謝~

      ...具有八段易讀的張力調整鈕 *1 LCD computer wih functions of scan, time, speed, distance, calories and pulse...strap 附束緊帶的自動平衡踏板 *Maximum user weight:90Kgs 最大載重﹕90公斤 *Dimension...