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    • 歡迎,接待受歡迎的,可任意的,可喜的歡迎,接待
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    • Welcome On Board/ Aboard??

      "Welcome on board" feels like you are joining a team to do something...example, you just joined a new company. Your manager might say to you "Welcome on board." "Welcome aboard" feels like you are...

    • welcome之用法

      welcome當感歎詞或是及物動詞時才用"歡迎" welcome當形容詞的時候就可翻為"受歡迎的" In our English...

    • welcome

      ...唷~ (我覺得的啦~猜錯就真的對不起啦~不要見怪唷~) 另外 額外補充: @ welcome n. 1.歡迎 2.迎接 3.款待(接待) adj. 1.受歡迎的"令人滿意的 2...