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  1. well covered

    • adj.
      slightly plump
    • 釋義


    • 1. British informal slightly plump she was fair, well covered but not fat
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    • 急急急!!! 有沒有人可以幫我翻譯>

      1.Combine pork,hoisin,sherry,ginger and garlic in a bowl. Mix well. Cover. (把豬肉 , 海鮮醬 , 雪利酒 , 薑 和 大蒜 一起放進碗裡) Refrigerate...

    • run for cover

      ...this world . Those who stand up and face the music ,and those who run for cover. Cover is better . 這個世上有兩種人:那種站起來承擔後果的、和那種跑去找掩護避難的人...

    • 請幫我翻成中文(有關槽体及封口的型式)~~20點~~急急

      ...column-sliding cover, ungasketed 管圓柱滑蓋,不加襯墊(墊圈) Ladder well 樓梯井 Sliding cover, gasketed 滑蓋,加襯墊(墊圈) Sliding cover, ungasketed 滑蓋,不加襯墊...