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    well known

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    • 請問一下well-know

      well-known a. (形容詞 adjective) 1. 出名的,眾所周知的[(+for/as)] He is one of...他是世界上最有名的歌劇演員之一。 2. 熟知的 She sang an old well-known song. 她唱了一首大家熟悉的老歌。 For reasons well-known...

    • 關於well-known, famous 得問題

      be well-known/famous for +某事 be well-known/famous as + 職業或身分 (以....出名) 1...某事 例如The man is well-known for his music. well-known as + 職業或身分 例如The man is well-known as a musician. 3...

    • best-known和 larger-than-life

      Best known = 最出名, 最有名 For example: Taiwan is best known...