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    • 求救!!!請英文高手幫忙翻譯營養學英文期刊.急!!

      ...surface[,] there were many fine and regular intracellular ice [crystals] [in] well-preserved muscle tissue. 接近樣本表面, 有細緻而整齊的冰粒在完整的肌肉細胞入面. From...

    • 這段英文該怎麼翻譯才好?請幫忙~!!

      ...popular public belief, it has been well documented that muscle lactate and hydrogen ion accumulation are in no...of early massage intervention on delayed onset muscle soreness. 很少研究具體調查過提早按摩干預對延遲...

    • risk muscle怎麼翻中文比較好呢?

      ...出自 Roger Von Oech 句中risk muscle 不是真的muscle,而是比喻成冒險精神、冒險因子,要我們有挑戰新事物的勇氣。 keep...2013-08-24 00:48:07 補充: DSG's answer is always better~