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    • 1. 有很多... We're well off for storage space in the new flat. 我們的新公寓裡有很多儲藏東西的地方。
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    • 英文書信翻成中文

      ...覺得惦記妳的時候。 and if he never get back to you.. I think it is better off for you if he never get back to you at all.. 而如果他就再也沒回到妳身邊…&hellip...

    • Full House rerun 的意思

      ...是摘自一個影評的結論 Uptown Girls is perfect entertainment for those that like their stories predictable and safe, while everyone else would probably be better off watching a Full House rerun on TBS. 摘自 ...

    • 請幫我修改一下英文文章

      ...current situation. If we could equally share the payment, both parties would be better off. Thank you for your understanding!