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  1. the less said about the better

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    • well??

      ...地,理所當然地;恰當地 ( ( 伴有 could, might, may ) ) 《例句》 It is well said 說得有道理[很恰當] You may well say so. 你這麼說也可以. It...

    • 中文翻譯成英文

      ... China. 3.大家都明白,學習沒有捷徑。~It is well said that there is no royal road to learning.若翻得不好,尚請見諒...

    • 這一大段我都看不懂大大幫我翻譯!!!

      ... is in specially day each day then i hoped that you may treasure well said these many this i love you 其實我的要求並不多,我只是要你多關心我一點多...